Creative, Rough-and-Tumble Play

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Our Philosophy

Bring us your kids. We’ll run them around, wear them out, teach them how to fall and roll and wrestle; but mostly we will play games. Games like dodgeball, red rover, sumo and tag, so that while they have fun and knock each other around, they will also teach each other to handle pressure, fear, and discomfort — learning not how to endure, but how to work with others and handle difficulty with laughter, dexterity, creativity and resilience.

Games Not Sports

Like Dodgeball, Sumo, Red Rover, Wrestling and all the other things they aren't allowed to do in school anymore.

Movement and Breathing

We teach the best of Yoga, Calisthenics and Martial Arts to help kid be resilient, happy and socially confident.

Not Discipline. Self-Discipline

Here kids don't just follow commands, they learn how to self-regulate and manage themselves.

Great Exercise

Studies show that kids will play games longer and harder than they will exercise in any other form. Fun is evolution's best workout plan.

No Belts. Actual Achievement.

We track children's physical ability in several key areas. They can see milestones and progress, but we never give fake prizes or false honors.

Safety 3rd

Over-protecting children doesn't keep them safe, it makes them helpless.

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163-C S. Trade Street

Matthews, NC 28105