Will my kid get hurt?

Hurt? With a capital H? No. Are they going to get knocked around. Absolutely. We can pretty much offer a money-back guarantee on that. It’s part of the fun. But the whole idea is that exposing them to stress, pressure and intensity in a controlled environment makes them less likely to get hurt in the rest of their lives.

Think of it this way. It’s not completely safe to learn how to fall and roll. But it makes you way less likely to get a concussion or break an arm later.

But all of that aside. My son plays here. Which is the best endorsement I can give.

What’s the reset box?

It is NOT time out.  It’s a place for kids to go when they are too excited. Maybe they are angry. Maybe they are scared or a little too knocked around. They sit out and watch until they have regulated their psyche and are ready to play again. But the magic part is only they decide.

Because play is actually fun, the reset box gives kids a powerful incentive to learn self-discipline.

You can read about the reset box in action here and here.

Can I register online?

You can’t register any other way. But if you want to register in person, I will hand you an iPad and you can knock it out.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Credit cards (No AMEX) and we are happy to set up an ACH draft each month from your checking account. We want to make it easy.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel, in writing or online with 30 days notice.

What is the max class size?

Right now, sessions are capped at 12. This is currently space limited. Our target is  be one instructor (full or assistant) per six kids.

What does the physical assessment include and why do you track this? How often?

Research shows that kids will exercise harder during free play than they will by any other method. We take simple measurements every month. Right now it includes an initial core strength assessment and tracking of three key metrics:

  • 10m Shuttle Run time
  • Standing Broad Jump Distance
  • Plank hold time

Make sure you download our Member App to access your kids assessment and ongoing updates. We are currently working with our advisory board to develop benchmarks and additional measures.

What if my kid can’t come 3x a week?

They’ll have less fun per week. But no big deal. We sell punchcards/class cards. Don’t overthink it. Just come play. That’s the most important thing.

I have a really high energy kid is this the right program?

Oh yeah, you betcha. Contact us or call and we’ll answer all your questions. Generally speaking, if someone tries to tell you that your kid has a problem, the first thing you should check for is a play deficit. Every mammal on the planet engages in rough and tumble play, and research has shown time and again that it is essential to socialization and impulse control.  ADHD meds suppress the play impulse. Which seems dangerous and sinister when you consider that the root cause of the problem may be that a fundamental, biological need is going unmet.

When is monthly tuition due?

Tuition is due the 1st of the month. Take advantage of our convenient online payment options including automatic payment.

Do you offer a free trial class?

Absolutely. Give us a call or email us to schedule one.

What should my kid wear to class? Do they have to buy a uniform?

You get RoughHouse T-shirt at registration. We’d like the kids to wear those, but, anything you’d send them out to play in, is fine by us. We frequently use the park, so expect dirt and grass stains.

Uniform? You mean like uniform and belts so we can sell you more crap? No. Absolutely not. We’re in the business of helping kids be individuals, not soldiers. Besides, when is it ever fun to wear a uniform?